Carta NUESTRO AMOR (en inglés)


Carta de amistad: It is not to me difficult to write what I feel by you, but is as much what I feel that to express it with words not can. I do not know if you include/understand to me, I can decirte perfectly I want to you, but decirte is not sufficient I want yet to you what I feel by you. I do not know if day to day it give account you of which it would give my whole life by you. I do not know if in each hug that I give notes you as my heart tries to escape of my chest to go away to yours, as in each kiss who I give you my soul tries to escape to enter within your soul. The soul is divided to me when I am not next to you, when you move away of my. I do not know if you include/understand it or you include/understand it, I only want decirte that there are words no the sufficiently infinite thing like being able ! to express by my mouth everything what I feel. I love you like never. Sometimes I am surprised much because I am strange to you and they have not happened but that hours from the last time that estubimos together, I need to you. I want to be happy with you, sere always faithful to us, never concerned the rest, never nothing else influira in my, I love you, you know it, and that you also want to be happy to my side me makes enormous, greatest. You are the woman of my life and I am going to you to love by the rest of her, always I am going to you to support, to listen, to respect and to understand.

For always my love.

Gracias BRICEIDA por la enviarnos esta carta.

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karenGG dijo...

What?? i can barely undestand!!! i think she needs to learn more!!! that sucked!!!!!!!

Anónimo dijo...

Yes, i think the same of you so, lern it english! Please!!

Anónimo dijo...

Jajaja that is because she use a translator because she donth now inglish